Growth Hacking

Growth hacking: The basis for rapid and sustainable growth. Sustainable growth requires intelligent marketing, especially in the Internet era. Growth hacking is the ultimate exponent of this. This phenomenon stands for the use of conventional and, especially, unconventional marketing tools to allow companies to grow quickly and sustainably.

Growth hacking is a proven strategy worldwide. The ultimate proof of its strength comes from sensational pioneers such as Uber, Airbnb, eBay and Dropbox. These are all companies that show maximum growth figures with a minimal marketing budget. Up to the present day.

It is about a process of continuous experimentation with marketing tools in combination with product development. In specific terms, continuous improvement by sowing on a small scale, to harvest on a large scale later, using the acquired knowledge. A such, growth hacking is more of a mindset than a toolset. Attention is not selectively focused on acquiring new customers, but above all on captivating, retaining and even activating the customer. To be in the lead again with the next purchase. With the existing customer, but also the connections from his or her network.

Flexible and manoeuvrable
Regardless of whether it is a start-up or an exponent of the Establishment, growth hacking depends entirely on the flexibility and agility of the company. The model below shows the phases:

1. Detect the problem >> observe, test assumptions and experiment;
2. Look for the solution >> build > feedback > product market fit;
3. Validate and optimise >> devise methodologies for the most efficient growth.

Overall vision
Growth hacking works. I am trained, certified and able to help your organisation too! This is done on pragmatic grounds. To remain healthy and to grow as a company, a larger arsenal of marketing tools than usual is needed. This concerns everything that supports expansion. The required growth architecture looks beyond regular marketing.

The organisation’s strategic objectives and challenges start at the root. With major and sometimes minor points of interest. It is this approach that lays a sustainable reliable foundation for marketing. The contribution to long-term growth. This changes the marketing of a game with instruments into a mindset, skillset and overall vision for the entire organisation.

Clear goal
In specific terms, anyone who is still thinking of completing a marketing process upon delivery of the website is wrong. From now on, this is the starting point. Growth hacking creates space and offers the means to improve findability, increase the conversion of visitors to buyers, generate more repeaters and win back dropouts. With one clearly defined goal: to grow faster than the competition. How can I help you?

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